Facing a Wall

Looking straight ahead with grit and grace.
Still why nothing seems in sight?
Sun is shining right above your head,
Still, nothing is visible. Why is there no light?
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Let it Go

Silly is the word for you, my dear self.
You’ve got to listen to me if you need help.
You hang on to things which don’t matter,
or, at least, which don’t matter anymore.
Sham hopes and cunning mirage, you adore.

You tax in staying stuck to what repeals you.
How are we going to move on together
unless we listen to each other
and reach to an agreement
that whatever happens, happens for good.
There is not point staying glued.
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The Best of Me

It must have been a dream
when I thought of myself
as someone I was not.

If not, what would be the explanation
for why do I look at the mirror
and try to seek someone else.
There has to be a justification
for what makes me chase the shadow
which would not fit my jigsaw anyway.
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I wonder sometimes
How is it that anything I do
Or anything is say,
Anyway I play
Or even how I pray,
It is always too little
For what the world demands.

The World. Who is he? Or is he?
I am the world. Or am I?
If I’m the world, how is it that
I’m deficient for myself?
And if I’m not the world,
How is it that I care so much
for him to care for me,
Or some love
for him to spare for me?
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The Other Side

Through the safe haven
Looking at the world
Is never the real deal
Nor does it make you feel
What it is actually meant to,
What the god would intend to.

Things may seem as they are,
Right in front of your eyes, they may pass.
But they are far away from real,
When seen through a glass.

Flowers may seem blossomed
Through the crystal clear glass
But what about the fragrance
And the scent of innocence
That you might have inhaled
Had you stepped out?
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Let There Be A Window

When The Odds Are Against Us
And Even We Are Against Each Other,
When We May Not Understand
Or Can’t Even Stand One Another,
In The Middle Of the Wall
That May Separate Us,
Let There Be a Window.

When Our Faces Boil With Anger
And We May Not See the Danger
That We May End Up In Just By
Not Letting It Go,
Even Through Holding On to the Wall
That May Separate Us,
Let There Be a Window.
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They take my Pain,
Carry it on their Shoulder
And Free them Out in the World.
Much like I, myself, Could Never Do.
In a Way that I Never Ever Knew.

They take my Joy,
Ride on them, Gleefully,
And Spray them Over the Words
That they had carried on their Shoulder.
And They Shine Better as they get Older.
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A Little Bit of Everything

I Am a Tad Dark and a Stroke of Light,
Shades of a Black and a Pinch of White.
I am Not Just One.
I Cannot Be Just One.
I Don’t Want To Be Just One.
I Want To Be Free.
Free To Be What I Want, When I Want.
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She Had Always Been
What She Is Today.
She Had Always Been
What She Will Be Tomorrow.
She Had Been As Strong.
She Had Been As Kind.
She Had Been As Fiery.
She Had Been All Fine.
All This While.
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My Poem Does Not Lie

Surfacing From the Plains of Nothing
And Growing Into Mammoth Banyans,
Forcing My Fingers to Pen
What I May Be Shy To Otherwise.
I Wonder How With Each Verse
That It Comes To Life,
My Poem Shares Bits of Me
With The Other Poems.
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The Face of Fire

Burying the Calm Within,
Embracing the Furious Heat,
With a Reputation of Anger,
Nowhere Close to Neat,
The Fire Fights Within
To Save His Face.

Wrestling the Reputation
Of The Furious One,
The One Where None Can Seek Comfort,
None Can Seek a Shoulder to Rest,
The Face of Fire Wrapped In Unrest,
Punches the Wind That Surrounds
To Fuel Its Burns As It Twists, It Turns,
And It Churns All That’s Around
With Every Trick That Could Be Found,
To Show the Watery Facet, the Tiny One,
That is Hidden Layers Beneath.
The Face of Fire Cries,
In The Quest of the Place
To Be a Comforter, To Be the Shoulder.
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Thinking of You

In The Middle Of a Desert,
When a Solitary Drop Of Water
Would Fall On Steamy Sand
And Vanish In Land,
I’d Be Thinking of You.

Through a Pitch Black Cloud,
When a Streak of Thunder Would
Crash Through and Touchdown
The Petrified Ground,
I’d Be Thinking of You.
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He Denies

With Every Ticking Second
I Drift Away From Him,
Leaving Him Alone To Cry.
Looking At His Obstinacy though,
I Wait. And I Sigh.
As the Child Inside Me
Impishly Denies
When I Ask Him To Die.
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Holding On to the Stick of Hope,
Walking Down the Tight Rope,
Through the Illusion of Belief,
Sieving the Clouds of Grief,
I Tell Myself to Relax.
As a Muscle or Two, I May Flex.
I Presume to Be Winning It All
Who Wants to Lose After All?
Still, I Fail. I Fall.
I Tumble. I Crawl.
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Enough Light

There Will Be Enough Light
Even Through the Darkest Night
For Me to Look at Your Face,
See You Smile for a While.
And When Your Dimples Dig
Deep in My Heart,
I Pray For Mercy.
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Bounce Back

Deep In the Ocean,
My Throat is Blocked,
Brain Malfunctions,
Spirit is Locked.
Darkness Surrounds,
Death Does Rounds,
Nothing in Sight and
No One Around
To Give a Hand
To Guide Me to the Land.
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All It Takes

When My Dreams Shatter
And Nothing Would Matter,
When My Core Turns Void
And Smiles, I Avoid.
All it takes is, a Bit of You,
To Set Me Free, Fresh and New.
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Never Too Far

I Remember My Pinky Finger
That You Held As You Stumbled
Taking Your First Step.
I Remember the Rhymes
That You Mumbled
As You Fell Asleep on My Lap.
Times May Fly and
On The Way, It May Add a Scar.
But, You Should Know,
I’m Never Too Far.
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The Brave over The Burden

Looking Straight into
The Eyes of the Hurdles,
He, Happily, Cuddles
Each of the Troubles.
He Doesn’t Care for
What Today throws at Him,
For He knows Deep Down;
Today is the Scope for
Tomorrow – the Hope.
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Ray of Hope

Since the First Stroke of Sunshine,
That I Gazed at the Dawn,
Till last Streak of Moonlight,
I Wonder How Much I’ve Grown!

No Matter how Harsh was the Sunlight,
No Matter how Scary was the Fight,
No Matter how Hard was the Path,
I had to Emerge Just Right.
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