Haiku # 99

What else is life than

sun rays penetrating through

dense clouds day to day.


Haiku # 98

Honey bee flying

around the garden all day

for the queen supreme.


Haiku # 97

Armless like a snake

I may seem helpless but did

you forget my sting?


Haiku # 96

Things turned upside down

seen through manipulative

droplet of water.


Haiku # 95

Dew drop rolling and

diving off the tip of the

leaf into the lake.


Haiku # 94

In her love, feeling

just like a helpless spider

trapped in his own web.


Haiku # 93

Dry leaf left the tree

where it belonged all its life.



Haiku # 92

Why dive in the sea

called the world, when the pearl is

buried right within?


Haiku # 91

While I’m as empty,

I’m as versatile too as

an awesome eglaf.


Haiku # 90

Bliss. Growing up by

a serene river flowing

down the mountain hill.


Haiku # 89

He couldn’t realize

his falling in love with her,

a smile at a time.


Haiku # 88

Standing ground like a

thick trunk, chin-up, solo tree

on the mountain top.


Haiku # 87

Marigold dancing

to the mesmerizing tunes

of the monsoon breeze.


Haiku # 86

Waking up by you

as a sweet nightingale chirps

on a misty dawn.


Haiku # 85

Nothing frightened him

more than being unable

to pen down his thoughts.


Haiku # 84

Walking Aimlessly,

Looking at Nothing while the

Calm Breeze Guides your Way.


Haiku # 83

In The Middle of

The Sparkly World, Peace Rests In

Her Simplicity.


Haiku # 82

I Am Moving But

Going Nowhere As If I’m

A Poor Pendulum.


Haiku # 81

Sun, What Good Is Your

Roasting Heat If It Can Not

Burn Her Memories.


Haiku # 80

Imagine the World

If the God Used Us Just As

We Use Him Today.