Haiku # 91

While I’m as empty,

I’m as versatile too as

an awesome eglaf.


Let it Go

Silly is the word for you, my dear self.
You’ve got to listen to me if you need help.
You hang on to things which don’t matter,
or, at least, which don’t matter anymore.
Sham hopes and cunning mirage, you adore.

You tax in staying stuck to what repeals you.
How are we going to move on together
unless we listen to each other
and reach to an agreement
that whatever happens, happens for good.
There is not point staying glued.
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Haiku # 90

Bliss. Growing up by

a serene river flowing

down the mountain hill.



Knots of Thoughts Quote # 109
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 109

Haiku # 89

He couldn’t realize

his falling in love with her,

a smile at a time.


The Best of Me

It must have been a dream
when I thought of myself
as someone I was not.

If not, what would be the explanation
for why do I look at the mirror
and try to seek someone else.
There has to be a justification
for what makes me chase the shadow
which would not fit my jigsaw anyway.
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Haiku # 88

Standing ground like a

thick trunk, chin-up, solo tree

on the mountain top.


Haiku # 87

Marigold dancing

to the mesmerizing tunes

of the monsoon breeze.



Knots of Thoughts Quote # 108
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 108