Haiku # 84

Walking Aimlessly,

Looking at Nothing while the

Calm Breeze Guides your Way.


Haiku # 83

In The Middle of

The Sparkly World, Peace Rests In

Her Simplicity.


Let There Be A Window

When The Odds Are Against Us
And Even We Are Against Each Other,
When We May Not Understand
Or Can’t Even Stand One Another,
In The Middle Of the Wall
That May Separate Us,
Let There Be a Window.

When Our Faces Boil With Anger
And We May Not See the Danger
That We May End Up In Just By
Not Letting It Go,
Even Through Holding On to the Wall
That May Separate Us,
Let There Be a Window.
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Haiku # 82

I Am Moving But

Going Nowhere As If I’m

A Poor Pendulum.


The Story of a Poem

Once upon a time, there was a poem. She was not just words. She was not just punctuation marks. She was an expression.

Though everyone would come, read her and often appreciate, she was pretty much all by herself most of the times. She would just sit back, reflect on her own self and wonder what she was. And why she was what she was.

She would avoid talking to the other poems. Even if one would come to cheer her up, she would pass. Not because she did not want to be happy. But because, she did not know if she was meant to be happy. She wanted to know the purpose of her existence. She wanted to understand the feeling that she was meant to convey. Continue reading “The Story of a Poem”


Knots of Thoughts Quote # 107
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 107

Haiku # 81

Sun, What Good Is Your

Roasting Heat If It Can Not

Burn Her Memories.