Haiku # 74

Dead Brown Maple Leaf

Began New Journey, Floating

On Serene River.


Jack and Jill # 19

Jill: Hey, do you think I need to buy some new perfumes.

Jack: Sure. As you like, Sweetie.

Jill: Hmm. So, you think I smell bad. Don’t you?

Jack: Hunh! *confused* of course not.

Jill: You don’t think I smell nice naturally.

Jack: You smell beautiful naturally. Fresh as mint. *pretends sniffing*

Jill: Then why do you think I need perfumes?

Jack: It is just for something better, you know?

Jill: It doesn’t make sense.

Jack: Sure, it does. It is like… umm… You cook at home, right?

Jill: Yeah. So?

Jack: Still, we often eat out the restaurants. Why?

Jill: *thinks*

Jack: *waits for it*

Jill: *sparks* You!!! *the chase begins*



Knots of Thoughts Quote # 106
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 106

Haiku # 73

There are Two Ways to

Make a Frozen Dream Come True.

One, Go for it. Or


Haiku # 72

As I Neared Her,

She Kept Moving Farther. Why?

She’s My Horizon.


A Little Bit of Everything

I Am a Tad Dark and a Stroke of Light,
Shades of a Black and a Pinch of White.
I am Not Just One.
I Cannot Be Just One.
I Don’t Want To Be Just One.
I Want To Be Free.
Free To Be What I Want, When I Want.
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Haiku # 71

The World Waved White Flag

As Soon As I Halted My

Ceaseless Fight Within.