All It Takes

When My Dreams Shatter
And Nothing Would Matter,
When My Core Turns Void
And Smiles, I Avoid.
All it takes is, a Bit of You,
To Set Me Free, Fresh and New.
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Haiku # 58

I Looked Far Away.

But, Nowhere Could I Find Peace.

Missed To Look Within.


What Matters?

What Matters?

Happiness or having a reason for happiness? What matters?

I don’t understand the need of a reason to be happy. I cannot justify it. Being unable to be happy just because there is no reason is like a tree deciding to stop giving shelter just because there is no one underneath to enjoy the shadow amid heat. It does not make sense. You are born to be a tree who would give shelter, for no reason.

The pursuit of happiness is more precisely, and more generally, the pursuit of a reason for happiness. Stop rushing there. Stay where you are. Be happy where you are; for no reason, for no reason at all.

Not easy? I know. Learn it. And Trust me. It is easier than finding the reason. Yes, it is. Continue reading “What Matters?”

Along the Way

“This is what I meant when I said this trip is going to be beautiful, Alex.” Alisha said, looking at the scenes from outside the car window. Considering the resistance I had shown to her wish for this trip, I kept mum and continued focusing on driving.

“Just look at the setting sun at the horizon. The lush green farms seem willing to have the sun in their arms. I think they want the sun to sleep in their lap for the night.” she continued in poetic flow.

Bombay theme playing mildly in the car stereo was adding to her smile and composure. On the way back home, now I was wondering why I was not initially in agreement with the marvelous proposal of coming on this one day road trip through a beautiful highway with my even more beautiful wife; especially when she is carrying my baby in her womb and her happiness matters to me the most than ever.

I couldn’t help but turn to look at her mildly smiling face. With one of her palm on our baby-in-the-making and the other busy placing her hair behind her ear to continue the view, she looked utterly adorable. Continue reading “Along the Way”

Never Too Far

I Remember My Pinky Finger
That You Held As You Stumbled
Taking Your First Step.
I Remember the Rhymes
That You Mumbled
As You Fell Asleep on My Lap.
Times May Fly and
On The Way, It May Add a Scar.
But, You Should Know,
I’m Never Too Far.
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Knots of Thoughts Quote # 101
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 101

The Brave over The Burden

Looking Straight into
The Eyes of the Hurdles,
He, Happily, Cuddles
Each of the Troubles.
He Doesn’t Care for
What Today throws at Him,
For He knows Deep Down;
Today is the Scope for
Tomorrow – the Hope.
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Ray of Hope

Since the First Stroke of Sunshine,
That I Gazed at the Dawn,
Till last Streak of Moonlight,
I Wonder How Much I’ve Grown!

No Matter how Harsh was the Sunlight,
No Matter how Scary was the Fight,
No Matter how Hard was the Path,
I had to Emerge Just Right.
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