One Fine Day as You Woke Up
And You Thought of It as
It was Just Pure Magic,
How Joyous is Everything Today,
What, Till Yesterday, Was Pure Tragic.

You Must Not Overlook
When Proudly You Rise,
No Wish Comes True
Without a Tad of Sacrifice.
It Must be the Fall of a Star
Or an Eyelash that Died.
Or May Be a Love Filled Heart,
Who Went Through Pains
Seeing You, When You Cried.

While amid Tears, on a Dead Night,
You Took a Hushed Nap,
Someone Must Have Made Way
For Smiles to fall in Your Lap.

Photo Credit: uniquedesign52

28 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. This so beautiful tejas πŸ™‚ Sometime over night thing changes πŸ™‚ Sometimes you sleep with a problem praying that morning will bring some sunshine in your life tearing away the darkness of the issues πŸ™‚ And when you wake up and realize the problem has gone πŸ™‚ The wish has been granted πŸ™‚

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