Haiku # 45

‘I Die Every Day.’

Said My Shirt as I Hung Him

By Neck Behind Door.

Shadow of Sunshine

What would You Get
By Going Beyond
What is Expected of You, They Asked?
What would You Gain
By Giving Away
Your Time and Love, They Asked?

I Am the Giver.
I Am the Healer.
Of the Smiles,
I’m Blanket Dealer.

I’m Just of that Sort, You Know,
I Don’t Mind Taking
The Longer Lines
To Kill Your Whines.
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Knots of Thoughts Quote # 89
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 89

Haiku # 44

My Sleep Goes for Toss

When You Touch My Mind Just Like

Tap Dripping Water.

Haiku # 43

I’d No Clue how Cool

I’d Look as Bald till She Glued

Chewing Gum in My Hair.


With Fluttering Wings
As if He Owned the Sky,
A Teensy-Weensy
Jubilant Butterfly,
Keen to Spot
Someone to Love
In the Backyard
Of My Grange
Alighted On a Flower
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Knots of Thoughts Quote # 88
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 88