Soil, so Parched, of my Heart,
You could See it Crack,
Even, Break Apart.

Oh Dream for Drizzle,
Turn out to be True.
How I wish For
Sprinkle, Fresh and New.

Thirst has been Seeking
For Droplet of Dew
Fair, it may not Pour many,
May be Just a Few?

Just a Hint of your Footfall
And a Tip of your Core.
Can’t you Unwrap on my Heart
As Celestial Petrichor?

Photo Credit: stevepb


22 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. What I love about your writing is that: One, you never fail in your creative pursuits – they are varied and each a gem in itself! Two, you write about unusual characters – things,insects, animals,flowers, dew drops….amazing! Three, you manage to tickle your creative cells – DAILY…D-A-I-L-Y!!!!! How do you do that! You are at your creative-best phase now! Keep rocking the show!!!!

  2. I simply adore the format you’ve chosen for this. It feels as if its compliments the tippy tappy motion of rainfall while enlightening the scent as is. Specially love the way you go about the last two stanzas ending with a request rather than a notion.

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