My Flight was Meant to Reach Heights
On the New Facet of Rights.
Until You and Your Ways,
More at Nights than at Days,
Conspired to Push Me,
Into terrains Unknown.
Silly and Stupid I Was;
I just Saw what I was Shown.

The Winds have Changed, Honey.
My Wings have Pledged, Honey.
No Sugary Pretense Would
Work Anymore,
It Will Turn Futile,
All that You had planned Before.

The Days are in the past, Babe.
When I Was a Feeble Fly,
Trapped In a Web.

Photo Credit: saifulmulia

14 thoughts on “Trapped

          1. Although it’s good to be intone with your audience, it’s what you feel that matters the most. If you feel it, chances are a lot of other people will too. ;o)

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