Jack and Jill # 10

Jack: I am sick of lying around in the bed all day long. *sulks*

Jill: I know. But you need to rest for three more weeks. No concession.

Jack: I feel like strolling in open for a while.

Jill: You have a fractured leg. You cannot roam around.

Jack: I need fresh air. I am suffocating in this room.

Jill: Umm…I have an idea that could make you feel better.

Jack: What’s that?

Jill: Let’s go on a long drive. I will drive.

Jack: You know what sweetie? It worked, like a charm.

Jill: Enh???

Jack: Yes, I am feeling fresher already.

Jill: You would never let me drive your new car, would you? *shrugs*

Jack: Please shut the door when you leave. *pretends sleeping*


Today, we celebrate ‘Guru Purnima‘ in India. A celebration to pay our respect to our teachers (Gurus). Humbly, I don’t consider just my academic teachers as my Gurus. Each and everyone who has ever crossed paths with me in life, has been a teacher in a way or the other. This is dedicated to them; each of them.

My First Steps were Shaky,
Far from what they may Seem Now.
Fear, too, Could’ve well taken me Over,
Had it not been for You not to Allow.
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Dead Line

Knots of Thoughts Quote # 42
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 42

Mimosa Pudica

Sitting In Front Of the Mirror,
With Gleaming Eyes, She Glares
At Herself with the Pride
That Would Demean the Princess
Of The Greatest Kingdom.
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Live Happy

Knots of Thoughts Quote # 41
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 41

Jack and Jill # 9

Jack: What do you want for your birthday, honey?

Jill: It would be rather better if you didn’t ask that.

Jack: Why, exactly?

Jill: Because I want something that you would not let me have.

Jack: Come on, why wouldn’t I?

Jill: Because you hate it as much as I love it.

Jack: I don’t think so. We love the same things.

Jill: Sure. Except One.

Jack: Try me.

Jill: I want a Puppy.

Jack: No way!!!

Jill: I told you. You don’t love me as much as you hate dogs.

Jack: *ponders*

Kindly Hurt

Knots of Thoughts Quote # 40
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 40