What’s in the Name?


His Heart cut to Pieces,
His Soul drenched in Pain,
He sat on a Bench,
Wished the Hurt would Drain.
His Love was Long Gone
In the World far Away.
He could still Feel her
So Far yet so Near.
Her Smell was still Fresh,
Her Voice, too, was Clear.
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The Wait

Old Couple

It was five in the evening.

Through the living room, rays of balmy sunshine of a winter evening showered across the kitchen. Her grey hair shone stylishly. Even at seventy, her face glowed with the charm that could beat that of a teenager.

She sieved steaming tea in two cups. With trembling hands, she picked up the cups and walked slowly to the balcony where the rocking chair waited to host her like every evening. He stood at a corner of the balcony watching children playing on the ground at a little distance. Continue reading “The Wait”


Knots of Thoughts Quote # 12
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 12



Walking Solo on the Erratic Paths
of the World so Tart,
Scrapping the Blows
of the Worrywart,
Carving its way Through
Achy Despair,
With the Ray of Sunshine
As Tiny as a Hair,
Hope Survived.
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The Open Book

The Open Book

I was born an Open Book,
Everyone would Come
Sneak a Look,
I Cared, I Shared,
Wrongly, I Dared.
Worked out Well till
You came to Light.

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Circus within Circus

“Daddy, we will go to cilcus tonight.” The first thing I heard as I entered my bedroom.

Tip: Gilaffe equals Giraffe, Lain equals Rain and Hulley equals Hurrey. You join the dots.

After her daily follow-up and my procrastination for about a fortnight, my three year old, Gulu, decided to switch from request-mode to declaration-mode.

Running out of reasons to postpone, finally I surrendered. I nodded in approval.

“Wow! Yey!” she jumped in joy and rushed uncontrollably towards me to give me a hug – actually, to give my legs a hug.

I tapped on her head as she went back to her teaching class where she had made six of her teddy bears sit tidily in two queues of three each; needless to say, she was the teacher.  Continue reading “Circus within Circus”


Knots of Thoughts Quote # 11
Knots of Thoughts Quote # 11